Kiara Serret

Kiara Serret

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Kiara realized her passion for working with seniors when she served as a Marketing Intern for Senior Living Residences (SLR) in 2015. During her internship, she worked in a newly opened assisted living community, learning the day-to-day operations, assisting with various community projects, and building relationships with residents and associates.

After graduating from Assumption College in 2017, Kiara spent time working for a technology startup where she learned about the importance of technology in today’s world, as well as the importance of cyber security and safe practices.

Kiara currently works for SLR as Technology & Media Projects Specialist where she created a Cyber Security Awareness Campaign for associates. She also spends her time researching and developing new, innovative ways to help seniors and their caregivers protect their identity and personal information when using technology. She understands that seniors are at increased risk for cyber attack as they did not grow up in the digital age, and she hopes to help close this gap.

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