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A New Year, A New Prescription for Wellness

We all know the drill. January rolls around and it is time to put those New Year resolutions into action. It’s usually the same every year. Lose 10 lbs, hit the gym, eat better. Our intentions are great but by mid-February our best efforts usually fall short due to work or family obligations. Not just by us but by our beloved seniors as well. senior fitness

It is up to us as family, friends or caregivers to set the bar higher this year, and to lead by example. We know what the answer is, and we know that we should be doing it ourselves. It is so simple; we need to move more! No need for expensive treadmills or gym memberships. It is time to get creative and make the small changes that will make a huge difference.

senior fitness

Let’s resolve to launch our initiative today. No more excuses. If you see your loved one sitting for too long, encourage him/her to walk with you for just 5 minutes. If you happen to come across a wall, do 5 push-ups against it together. If you are watching tv together, do 5 sit to stand ups during a commercial. We can call it 5 and alive! When 5 becomes too easy, and it will, make sure to increase the number gradually to make it more challenging.

As you progress through this initiative just remember it is all about doing this journey together. I laugh and learn so much everyday working with this amazing population and I encourage you to do the same. I promise you it will be more engaging and entertaining than any Zumba or Pilates class that you will ever attend. I learn so much every day and you will too. I also laugh so hard, and laughing is not only good for your soul but your core too!

So if you want to get in the best shape of your life in 2016, grab the hand of your beloved senior and take the first step. It will be the best first step of your life. Keep it simple this year. Small steps, 5 at a time. I guarantee it will be the best prescription not only for your loved one but for you as well.

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