Sarah Georges

Sarah Georges

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Sarah knew she wanted a career working on senior-related issues while at her first part-time job in high school when she served on the wait staff at an assisted living community. She loved going to work each day, connecting with the residents and hearing their life stories. She also saw firsthand the benefits of supportive living for older seniors that promoted wellness, including the importance of a social mealtime with access to healthy and tasty menu options.

After graduating from UMass Amherst with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health Sciences and Communication, Sarah joined the team at Senior Living Residences (SLR) in Braintree, MA. At SLR she has helped create and implement consumer educational campaigns, including SLR’s Dementia Friendly Initiative, Boosting your Brain Healthy by Eating Well, and Recognizing and Responding to Senior Bullying.

Sarah covers topics for AgeRight related to physical and mental health as we age, how eating well impacts your health and that of the environment, and the latest research on Alzheimer’s and other dementias. 

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