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Brain Healthy Mediterranean Diet

Smart Diet Choices For Seniors

Popularized in the 1990s by Harvard University’s School of Public Health, The Mediterranean diet features healthful ingredients beneficial to seniors. These ingredients include olive oil, nuts, fruits and vegetables, fish, and whole grains. The Mediterranean Diet was initially identified in the mid-1900s and reflected the eating habits of countries like Spain, Italy, and Greece. Of course, these civilizations have been around for thousands of years. Following the Mediterranean Diet has scientifically proven cognitive and cardiovascular health benefits and is widely considered an intelligent diet choice for seniors.

Mediterranean Diet Health Benefits

The health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet’s extensive health benefits and convenience makes it an intelligent diet choice for seniors. Here are five examples of how this diet, along with an active lifestyle, can positively impact the lives of seniors:

  1. The Mediterranean diet can mitigate cardiovascular disease risk factors combined with regular physical and social activity.
  2. Scientific data prove this diet to slow cognitive decline.
  3. The condition of decline will be less severe for seniors on this diet. 
  4. Seniors have reduce risks of Alzheimer’s or dementia.
  5. This diet can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias.

Seniors who live alone may find it difficult to cook nutritious meals for themselves. Long winter months make finding quality opportunities to achieve an active lifestyle more difficult. Finding an assisted living service can be a healthful and brain-boosting solution to consider. Search for ones that have Mediterranean-inspired foods for a healthy heart and brain!

Living in assisted living helps seniors fill their days. For instance, a typical day consists of group exercises, meals with friends, and enriching activities such as trivia and art. That is to say, these are just some opportunities available to live an active lifestyle within an assisted living community. Research has shown seniors thrive in communities offering engaging and stimulating activities and services. 

While the Mediterranean Diet can be an excellent option for seniors, it works best when tweaked to benefit seniors better. Therefore, meal modifications can made a tremendous difference. For example, feature some locally abundant vegetables, choose low-fat dairy options for heart health, and use whole-grain bread made from white whole wheat. These changes make the diet more accessible to seniors and more appealing. Seniors and their families can find sample recipes from this program at

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