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Your Top 8 Most-read Stories of 2016

While we cover a lot of topics here on our AgeRight Blog, we certainly had a few stand out pieces this year on a range of topics that covered senior fraud to seniors driving, from brain healthy breakfasts to what Tom Brady had for dinner.

From all of us at Senior Living Residences we want to send a huge thank you to our regularly contributing team of experts as well as the stellar list of guest bloggers who have made this year a great one!

As we say goodbye to 2016, let us count down our ten most read and most shared stories.

8. Two’s a Crowd: The Problems with Using Multiple Fiduciaries by Margaret A. Hoag, J.D.

Dividing up who is in charge to be your Personal Representative, Power of Attorney, or Trustee can get sticky. Picking one family member might be the best option for you and your family.

7. Scam, Spam, and other Senior-Targeted Fraud by Karen A McSherry, JD, LLM

Be alert! Scamming, spamming, and cases of fraud directed at seniors is more prevalent than ever. Learn how to protect yourself or a loved one.

6. What You Need to Know About Leafy Greens by Kelly Toups, Oldways

Find out why you’ll want to double-up on your next serving of leafy greens. Read about the positive whole-body effects of vitamin K!

5. How Much Does Assisted Living Cost? By Robert Larkin, Senior Living Residences

It can be a confusing topic to navigate. Educate yourself on the differences between pricing structures to help you ask the right questions.

4. When is it no longer safe for seniors to drive? by Margaret A. Hoag, J.D.

One of the hardest things families face is taking away their loved one’s keys. Check out this article including resources to help you broach the topic.

3. Breakfast in the Mediterranean by Oldways

Interested in how breakfast is done in the Mediterranean? Try out these healthful recipes from the well-researched Mediterranean Diet.

2. Tom Brady Eats What? How seniors can benefit from his Mediterranean-style diet by Kim Smith, Senior Living Residences

In the spirit of football season, learn how seniors could benefit from taking a few plays out of Tom Brady’s nutrition playbook!

1. Traditional Mediterranean Cheese by Oldways

Say Cheese! Readers loved this most-read article from 2016 highlighting cheeses from the Mediterranean.

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