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Pamela Maloney

Pamela Maloney

Pam Maloney is an active advocate for public and professional education resources on issues related to aging and caregiving. She brings expert knowledge and advice to her articles, having worked in the assisted living industry for over 15 years.

As Director of Marketing & Technology at Senior Living Residences (SLR) of Braintree MA, Pam has worked with nurses, social workers and senior living industry leaders to develop numerous community outreach and education programs for the general public and eldercare professionals. Major topic areas cover understanding memory loss, boosting brain health through nutrition, how to pay for assisted living, senior bullying, and protecting seniors from fraud (online and offline). Pam was the driving force behind SLR’s innovative Dementia Friendly Communities Initiative and the company’s sponsorship of local Memory Cafes.

An experienced communications professional and corporate trainer, she has used her skills to spread these programs to local businesses, schools, municipalities, emergency services groups, and non-profit organizations. 

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