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10 Most-Read AgeRight Blog Posts of 2022

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2022 was a year of fantastic reads for We owe it all to our team of contributing writers, experts, and guest bloggers, whose insights and discoveries made for some fascinating and educational articles. Thanks to our authors, we were able to publish relevant, well-researched, and beneficial content for seniors, families, and caregivers. With a wide range of topics from brain healthy foods to combatting the challenging behaviors associated with Alzheimer’s, AgeRight has it all. From all of us at AgeRight, thank you to our readers and followers for staying with us this year. 

As we look towards 2023, join us as we count down our ten most-read and most-shared stories from the past 12 months. 

10. Alzheimer’s Challenging Behaviors

Author: Tadd Clelland

Living with Alzheimer’s disease comes with many obstacles. It is important to know how to deal with the behavioral changes that can occur once symptoms progress, and Senior Living Residences President & CEO, Tadd Clelland, provides some tips for navigating them.

9. The Importance of Patient-Centered Deprescribing in Assisted Living

Author: Karen Buscemi, PMH-NP

Adult Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Karen Buscemi takes us through the potential complications of prescribing multiple medications to older adults and helps readers learn the benefits of deprescribing when possible.

8. Smart Diet Choices for Seniors

Author: Kim Smith

Following the Mediterranean diet yields a host of benefits for brain and whole body health in seniors, and Kim Smith, Director of Culinary and Dining Services for Senior Living Residences, discusses the scientifically proven positive effects of eating well. 

7. Extended Family Dinners Have a Little Something for Everyone

Author: Kim Smith

Family dinners always make up a special part of our days. Social stimulation is especially important for aging adults, and this article goes into detail on how eating together is healthy for the mind, body and spirit. 

6. Power Up Your Brain with Spices!

Author: Nancy Emerson Lombardo, PhD

Dr. Nancy Lombardo, an expert in Alzheimer’s disease and services for older adults, offers readers insight into the wonderful world of spices, going into depth about the health benefits they provide. 

5. Brain Healthy Substitutes

Brain Healthy Substitutes

Author: Kim Smith

This article lists a variety of easy brain healthy substitutes to replace everyday items such as oil, sugar, and salt. It’s easy to incorporate brain healthy foods into your meals without sacrificing taste, making for a healthier, yet still delicious meal.

4. Don’t Skip the Veggies!

Author: Kim Smith

Grounded in a variety of scientific studies, this article explores the many benefits of eating vegetables every day. Consuming leafy greens and brightly colored vegetables helps lower the risk of cognitive decline, among other healthy benefits.

3. Boston Hospital Launches Groundbreaking Vaccine Trial Targeting Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimers nasal vaccine trial

Author: Sarah Georges

Brigham and Women’s Hospital of Boston, MA began running trials for a groundbreaking new nasal vaccine to treat Alzheimer’s disease. This article discusses some of the research behind this new project and its possible implications for the future of Alzheimer’s treatment.

2. Brain Food: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Author: Kim Smith

Olive oil is a typical ingredient found in your kitchen, but did you know that even a small serving of this staple of the Mediterranean diet is packed with brain healthy nutrients? AgeRight explores the proven benefits of incorporating olive oil for a healthier lifestyle.

1. Answers to the Top 13 Questions People Have about Assisted Living Services

Author: Lindsay Willis

Lindsay Willis, who supports and trains the team of nurses and caregivers at Senior Living Residences, lists the 13 most frequently asked questions about what services assisted living communities can and cannot provide.

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