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The Top 10 AgeRight Blog Posts of 2020

While we cover a lot of topics very popular with readers of our AgeRight Blog, it is no surprise that in 2020 people were especially interested in how Covid-19 impacted the senior population.

From all of us at Senior Living Residences – thank you to our regularly contributing team of experts and stellar list of guest bloggers who bring relevant news and advice to seniors and their caregivers.

As we (happily) say goodbye to 2020, here is the top 10 count down of our most read and most shared posts.

10. Let’s Get Physical: From Sexual Dysfunction to Sexual Wellness

Good news: researchers have found that people continue to enjoy intimacy into their 70s and 80s. Better news: a majority of older adults report sexual activity as integral to their quality of life and wellness!

9. Deep Sleep Cleans the Brain and May Prevent Alzheimer’s

With a new diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease every 65 seconds, the need for research into prevention and treatment has never been more crucial. Several scientists are now looking at sleep, specifically “deep sleep”, and how it may help wash away toxins associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

8. Covid & Assisted Living: Getting The Vaccine First Creates Safe Environment

On Dec 1, 2020 the CDC recommended that residents and staff of long-term care facilities (which includes Assisted Living) be included in the first group to receive the coronavirus vaccine. Things are now moving rapidly. 

7. The Complexities of Hoarding Among Older Adults

Approximately 2-5% of today’s adult population suffers from Hoarding Disorder. These individuals excessively save things, so much so that it impairs functioning and creates health and safety risks.

hoarding senior

6. Is Mild Cognitive Impairment on the Rise Due to Covid-19?

As the population most at risk for complications from the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), many seniors have spent months self-isolating to reduce their risk of exposure. Their lack of social engagement, according to caregivers, is creating a new crisis – widespread cognitive decline.

5. Covid-19 Presents Challenges to Visiting with Seniors

While we have provided tried and true tips for visiting a loved one with memory loss in the past, the Covid-19 pandemic has presented new challenges, with many families struggling to find ways to keep the conversation light and engaging.

4. 5 Reasons Why eLearning is Perfect for Seniors

Today, seniors are able to pursue lifelong learning from anywhere, be it in their homes, an assisted living community, or wherever they choose to spend their retirement, all thanks to eLearning. 

Alzheimer's disability benefits

3. Ways to Combat Loneliness in Older Adulthood

In addition to fearing for their physical health during the coronavirus pandemic, many seniors are also facing intense emotional challenges from being isolated for so long from friends and family. Even before the Covid-19 outbreak, loneliness had been an issue prevalent in the elderly population.

how can seniors stay social

2. Tax Deductions & Alzheimer’s Care

The tax benefits available from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) apply to out-of-pocket medical expenses for families who are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease at home, or for a relative who is residing in Assisted Living or a Rehabilitation/Nursing Home facility.

tax deductions memory care

1. Scams During Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

Scammers have found a new angle by taking advantage of the fear and vulnerability surrounding the current coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

Scams during coronavirus

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