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Most-Read AgeRight Blog Posts of 2019

2019 was a great year for Thanks to our regularly contributing team of experts and always-insightful guest bloggers, we were able to publish some truly cutting-edge and relevant content for seniors, families, and caregivers. From the health benefits of yoga to seniors using Uber, our readers have seen a diverse variety of topics. From all of us at AgeRight, we want to thank our readers and followers for making 2019 the best year yet!

As we say goodbye to 2019, let us look back on our ten most-read and most-shared stories from the year.

10. Tackling the Sexual Shame-Fear-Guilt Complex

Dr. Jane Fleishman

Tackling sexual shame fear and guiltThis article explores the feelings of fear and guilt that many seniors face relating to sexuality. Dr. Jane Fleishman encourages older adults to challenge social norms when it comes to sexuality and intimacy, and to take the guilt out of pleasure.

9. Cooking for One: Making Mealtime Easier

Kim Smith

“Cooking for One” programs are emerging to offer guidance on meal prepping, grocery shopping, cooking and eating meals for seniors living alone. Kim Smith, Director of Culinary and Dining Services at Senior Living Residences, shares how this trend can not only make mealtime easier for seniors and grieving widows, but also improve cognitive and whole body health.

8. 4 Ways to Safely Compute at Home

Kiara Serret

Seniors navigating technologyFrom mobile devices connecting to Facebook to wireless speakers taking voice commands, there are a multitude of ways for a hacker to access your personal information, no matter your age. Check out these helpful tips on how to properly and safely secure your devices and files. Check out other tips for navigating technology »

7. How to Get Calcium from Plant-Based Sources


Getting calcium from veggies or plant based food

If you have trouble digesting lactose (a carbohydrate in milk and dairy products), you may have found it difficult to get enough calcium into your diet. While lactose-free dairy products are fairly easy to find these days, plant-based foods are an often overlooked source of calcium and contain a plethora of additional benefits.

6. Transportation for Seniors is Being Revolutionized

Lee Larkin

transportation options for seniorsRide-hailing apps, like Uber and Lyft, can revolutionize the way seniors, who don’t drive anymore, live their lives. However, many seniors are hesitant to use them due to financial and safety concerns. Learn why ride-sharing apps are so useful and can help pull seniors out of isolation.

5. How One Senior Living Community is Taking Advantage of UberWAV

Lee Larkin

UberWAV for seniorsRead how Standish Village Assisted Living in Boston, MA is taking advantage of transportation services like UberWAV. Taking the community’s large van is sometimes unnecessary and inconvenient for certain outings, and UberWAV has allowed residents to take smaller trips to visit Boston’s many cultural sites and special events, as well as medical appointments.

4. What is the Best Diet for Diabetes?

Kim Smith

Mediterranean Diet, Diabetes, Alzheimer'sPicking the right diet for your health and body’s needs can be tricky due to the sheer abundance of health studies and “popular diets” out there. The Mediterranean diet is one that has been continuously shown through research to have abundant health benefits for people at any age, and it has many specific health benefits for seniors managing diabetes.

3. Sexuality and Aging: A Call for Administrative and Clinical Leadership

Dr. Jane Fleishman

seniors sexual consentJane Fleishman, an expert on sexuality and aging, calls for clinical and administrative leaders to acknowledge seniors’ need for connection and right to sexual expression. Having policies in place that respect this, as well as open lines of communication, will lead to safer, happier, and healthier senior communities.

2. Celebrating the Holidays when a Loved One is in Memory Care

Jenna Worthington, Senior Living Residences

How to have a good visit with someone with dementiaIf you have a loved one living in a Memory Support Neighborhood, it’s important to approach the holiday season with flexibility, and focus on how to make visits meaningful wherever or whenever they may be. Whether you are taking old traditions and tweaking them to fit the current situation, or creating new traditions altogether, it is important to remain relaxed and “in the moment”.

1. 6 Reasons Why Caregivers Should Encourage Senior Yoga

Hazel Bridges, Aging Wellness

If you are caring for a senior loved one and looking for a new activity to try together, yoga is the perfect place to start. In addition to its extensive physical and mental health benefits, the activity can provide a much-needed break from your typical day-to-day routine. 

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