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Lee Regan Larkin

Lee Regan Larkin

Lee Larkin’s career has focused on educating the public on all sorts of issues from her stint in radio news, to teaching government officials about the Massachusetts conflict of interest law, to launching a public education campaign to promote the local fishing industry.

In her current role as Senior Brand Strategist for Senior Living Residences of Massachusetts, she considers it a privilege to have been able to put her passion to work for the past 20+ years educating seniors and their families about issues related to aging.

As a mother to two young women and an “adult daughter” navigating health care and housing options for her aging father, Lee typifies the “sandwich generation.” She is actively dealing with many of the issues and situations she covers in her blogs, offering personal insights and advice. With a wealth of professional knowledge about the assisted living industry, she also expertly covers the myriad of healthcare and housing choices available to seniors and their families today.

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