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Tadd Clelland

Tadd Clelland

Tadd Clelland knows firsthand how Alzheimer’s disease impacts individuals and the families who love them. His beloved grandmother grappled with the disease while he was in his early 20’s, and he felt helpless in the face of this debilitating illness. His personal experience led to a lifelong career built on a passion for helping make the lives of those living with dementia, and their families, a little bit easier.

Tadd is President & CEO of Senior Living Residences (SLR) of Braintree MA, a regional leader in New England’s senior living industry with a 25-year history of innovation in assisted living and Alzheimer’s care. He personally spearheaded the development of his company’s research-based treatment program for Alzheimer’s. Launched in 2010, the well respected Compass Memory Support® program treats the symptoms of memory loss through social engagement, brain healthy nutrition, physical activity, and an innovative adult learning curriculum providing cognitive stimulation. During the last decade this multi-component treatment program approach has been studied and proven effective by researchers and gained the endorsement of institutions such as the Mayo Clinic. Tadd is proud to be a pioneer in this new area of dementia care.

Tadd is a Certified Dementia Practitioner Trainer and member of the Massachusetts Assisted Living Association’s Board of Directors.

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