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Brain Healthy Cooking Recipes

A Traditional Holiday Dinner for a Nontraditional Year

The holidays just aren’t the same this year. I wish I was cooking dinner for my extended family and spending the day together exchanging gifts, laughter and hugs. But like so many Americans I will be hosting a small group for dinner and getting together with extended family on a zoom call to adhere to COVID-19 recommendations

Dining with a small group doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy cooking a special meal. Why not cook two and bring one to a friend or family member who feels isolated and alone this year?

I’ve chosen an easy-to-cook dinner that anyone can feel confident preparing from the appetizer to dessert and everything in between. And don’t forget a special cocktail too! Every one of these recipes features brain healthy foods, with the recipes developed by me for my Assisted Living company’s Brain Healthy Cooking Program. They are also all based on the popular and well researched Meditterean Diet, the world’s #1 ranked diet!

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