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Kim Smith

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A professional with two decades experience in the culinary arts and food service industry, Kim Smith is known in the business for her creativity and signature brain healthy recipes. She received her degree from Johnson and Wales University and has an extensive background in the New England senior living industry. Kim has received numerous awards for her work, most recently being honored as one of the Top 10 Food Service Directors in the United States.

An Advocate for Brain Healthy Eating

As Corporate Director of Dining Experience for Senior Living Residences, Kim is most proud of her work developing new recipes and training SLR chefs in the company’s innovative award-winning Brain Healthy Cooking Program based on the proven “brain boosting” benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. Kim has a knack for combining healthful ingredients like kale and quinoa, spices with anti-inflammatory properties, and foods high in omega 3s into delicious recipes that even Grandma will eat! She is also a master at transforming favorite traditional recipes into healthy meals by replacing sugar with natural sweeteners and “bad” saturated fats with healthy fats, and using spices to cut back on the need for salt.

Kim has made her recipes for assisted living residents accessible for the average family. These are the recipes you will find in our blog. Kim’s motto is simple: “Food that is good for you should also taste good!”

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